About MyShop.cm

MyShop.cm is a state of the art Online marketplace platform for online trade of Digital products and services in Cameroon. Launched in 2017, we serve thousands of suppliers and millions of consumers across the national and international territory with popular products and services in the likes of audio (mSongs), video (mVeedios), tickets
(mTickets) and books (mBooks).

One-Stop Source

With a unique collection of product/service categories carefully organized in different ways, myshop.cm covers all kinds of digital products and services from where buyers can source for entertainment, leisure and fun-time.

Any Place, Anytime

As an innovative business IT platform, myshop.cm stays true to its mission by continually developing new ideas and innovative ways of making the platform better for business. Forging new opportunities and making them accessible across multiple device sizes and languages.

Our Mission

As an integral part of a rapidly changing African economy, we aim to make it absolutely natural and easy for our users to conveniently enjoy our services. MyShop.cm as a well-conceived, thought-out, designed and developed ecommerce platform that is giving its users tested, efficient and working tools inevitable in their quest for more audience and providing buyers a vast and diverse variety of quality digital products and services  online.